5 things we know about Chris Cornell’s possible suicide

1) Chris Cornell, the former lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave, was found dead on the bathroom floor in his room at the MGM Grand Detroit hotel in Detroit last night (Wednesday, May 17, 2017) at the age of 52.

2) Per reports, the death is being investigated as a possible suicide. According to Detroit police spokesman Michael Woody, there were “basic things observed at the scene” that triggered the investigation.

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3) Chris’s last tweet came just 13 hours ago with the hashtag #nomorebullshit:

4) It’s unclear whether or not drugs were involved in Cornell’s death. He did battle with addiction speaking openly about his sobriety in 2007. “How did you beat your addictions?” Rock N Roll Experience asked him.

It was a long period of coming to the realization that this way (sober) is better. Going through rehab, honestly, did help, & I’m not….it got me away from just the daily drudgery of depression & either trying to not drink or do drugs or doing them & you know, they give you such a simple message that any idiot can get & it’s just over & over, but the bottom line is really, & this is the part that is scary for everyone, The individual kinda has to want it…not kinda, you have to want it & to not do that crap anymore or you will never stop & it will just kill you. There’s nothing you can do..if you’re best friend has a problem & it’s very serious, there’s nothing you’re going to be able to do about it & it was sad for me & the people around me Sad for me when friends of mine died because of it & but one thing, & I’ve gotta say this, because I never get preachy about this, but the friends of mine that told me, Yeah, you feel really shitty right now, don’t you? … Yeah, I do..it’s really bad!, & they would say, you know, as long as you just kinda stay off all this, eventually all of that will go away, but you have to believe it because it’s not going to happen quick & there’s a decadence in like alcohol & drug abuse where you’re like tweaking your physiology immediately & changing your mood immediately & you get used to that, & when someone is telling you that it’s gonna take you 5 years to feel normal, that seems like forever, but now, I think of the day that I walked out of rehab now…I’m remarried, I have 2 children, I have a 2 1/2 year old girl & a 1 1/2 year old boy, I moved & live between Paris & Los Angeles, I’ve made 3 records, & toured on 4 records since then & time is not that long…time goes by & now I’m the most focused I have ever been, the most prolithic song writer that I have ever been, which is actually saying alot because in the early 90’s I was really prolithic, but I’m even more so now…not more so like creative, but I just have focus to actualize & sorta bring it in & turn it into something, & I feel much better on stage. Back in the day when I was sorta going overboard, it was really hit & miss & now I feel consistent & I’m always pushing the envelope & feeling younger now than I did when I was actually young which is pretty interesting. I think at some point, alcohol abuse got me to a point of just maintaining where I was & that was hard enough.

5) Cornell used his fame and fortune to help others. He co-founded the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation to “support children facing challenges, including homelessness, poverty, abuse and neglect.” The Foundation has done much of its work anonymously. The group’s website is down at the moment.

Rockers around the web have been paying tribute to Cornell:

RIP in peace, Chris. Thank you for giving us your art.

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