Song Of The Day: David Byrne – “Like Humans Do” (2001)

Happy Birthday to Rock Pioneer David Byrne, who turns 65 today. His band Talking Heads anchored the American wing of the New Wave movement of the late 70s and early 1980s, and changed the face of Rock with a style that continues to influence musicians today. After the band split up for good in 1991, Byrne exploded artistically in all directions, through solo recordings, producing other artists, running a label, writing an opera, making soundtracks for film and theatre, creating art and photography installations, cycling activism, and writing fiction and non-fiction books. His 2012 book How Music Works is a must for any musician or music lover, and he just announced he is releasing a new edition. This is one brilliant, creative man who has made some brilliant music along the way, including this, one of my favorites, which includes the classic line: I work and I sleep and I dance and I’m dead / I’m eatin, I’m laughin, I’m lovin myself / I never watch tv except when I’m stoned / Like humans do”.


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