Song of the Day: Blind Faith – Can’t Find My Way Home

Oh, ye of little Blind Faith.

Okay, so maybe I wrote this article just so I could use the above line. It’s not even that good of a line, yet I couldn’t stop myself. Such is the perverse madness of the semi-professional writer. You always want to give them more and more, and then you hate yourself.

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Luckily, we’re not talking about my personal issues. At least, not yet. Today, we’re saluting one of the most memorable voices in rock history, Steve Winwood. Maybe, by some ridiculous set of ultra-specific circumstances, you haven’t heard of Winwood. He started his career as a teenager, singing the classic song “Gimme Some Lovin'” with Spencer Davis Group, quickly moving to the psych-rock group Traffic. From there, he teamed up with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker to form Blind Faith, the first rock and roll “supergroup.” For one album (you know, the one with the twelve-year-old girl’s breasts on the cover), Winwood was able to showcase both his remarkable vocal instrument and soulful piano and keyboard playing. My personal highlight is the dusty, world-weary track “Can’t Find My Way Home.” Winwood’s gentle falsetto just barely hovers above breaking point, and the song zaps the listener right into a smoky corridor at 4 am. “Can’t Find My Way Home” quickly establishes a haunting, mournful mood and holds it for a few intense minutes. Check it out below if, for some improbable reason, you haven’t heard it.

Also, Mr. Winwood turned 69 on May 12th, so what a perfect time to delve into his impressive career!

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