Song of the Day: Depeche Mode – “Personal Jesus”

Happy birthday wishes go out to frontman Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode, who turns 55 years old today. Gahan is certainly a music figure we’re lucky to still have with us, given his battles over the years that included a drug overdose, an attempted suicide, a heart attack, and a malignant tumor. His 1996 speedball overdose in particular was a moment when the world almost lost him as his heart stopped for two minutes. “When I died, there was only darkness,” Gahan told The Guardian in 2007. “In the two minutes my heart stopped, this humungous voice inside of me went: ‘This is wrong.’ Like I don’t get to choose when this is over. It scared the shit out of me.” Gahan is still going strong though as Depeche Mode just released their 14th studio album, the critically acclaimed and politically charged Spirit, on March 17. Here’s one of the band’s classics and one of their finest moments, a track that has been covered by Johnny Cash, Marilyn Manson, Sammy Hagar, and several more.

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