Led Zeppelin reunion rumors circle the Internet

Led Zeppelin reunion rumors began circulating on Wednesday following a cryptic message posted to Robert Plant’s web site.

The message, posted at http://www.robertplant.com/, simply read “Any time now…” in white lettering in the middle of a black screen.

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Who knows for sure what that could mean, but quickly fans began interpreting it as a possible reunion hint. Fueling the speculation was a report from FeelNumb.com saying “well-placed sources” indicate Plant, who has been reluctant to reunite with the band in the past, has agreed to do so for the 2017 Desert Trip Festival.

Time will tell what comes of all this, but if Desert Trip has successfully been able to rope in Led Zeppelin, what a catch that would be. And who knows how many millions of dollars it would have cost to do it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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