Song of the Day: Glen Campbell – “Adios”

This is a recently released song from Glen Campbell, and a very emotional one at that. Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011, after which he went into the studio to record one last time. The recordings are part of a farewell album called Adios, which is due out June 9 and came as an unexpected pleasant surprise when it was announced a few weeks back. This is the title track from the album, a cover of a Linda Ronstadt song released in 1990. The song is written by Jimmy Webb, who gave Rolling Stone his thoughts on the song in a piece that ran yesterday: “Glen and I used to play that song all the time. We played it in dressing rooms, hotels, we played it over at his house, we played it at my house. He always loved that song. I heard ‘Adiós’ this morning and my wife and I both broke down and cried all over this hotel room. It’s the first time we ever heard it.”

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