Song of the Day: Harry Styles – “Sign Of The Times”

Well here’s an interesting one. I remember once telling Sir Rocknuts in jest if he wanted to get page views on his site maybe he needs to post some One Direction. He didn’t seem to be down with the idea (although I admit to liking at least a couple of their songs). Maybe he likes this one though (or maybe not). Just released earlier this month, this soaring (and depressing) rock anthem is the first single off the upcoming solo debut from One Direction member Harry Styles, and it’s made quite a splash. Fans absolutely love it, and it even seems even some non-fans of the band are into it as well. Not everyone digs it though. Spin Magazine seems to think it sucks, calling it “not a good song” and saying it’s “at least two minutes too long, it rides the same three chords for its entire length, it has a chorus that’s exactly the same as its verse but louder, it’s very serious, it has none of the carefree charm of One Direction’s hits, it contains such poetic lines as ‘You look pretty good down here, but you ain’t really good.’ And it’s probably going to be inescapable soon.” Or we can turn to Redditor joey_fatass who said “This song is pseudo-artistic, wannabe ‘deep’ crap, from the frontman of one of the most manufactured boy bands ever, of which every single member has shown themselves to be utterly mediocre as a solo artist so far.”

So with that, let’s throw the discussion out to you, Rocknutters. Does this song rock? Or does it not?

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