Radiohead announce 20th anniversary edition of OK Computer

The teases had been posted online for days, and now it’s official — Radiohead will be releasing a special 20th anniversary edition of their classic album OK Computer later this year.

The album will be available in boxed form, vinyl, on compact disc, and digitally. The boxed set will include a hardcover book with more than 30 artworks, a and a 104-page notebook containing from Thom Yorke’s library of notes during the creation of the album, among other goodies. Those who buy the boxed set or the vinyl will also be given access to download the album.

The album will also contain eight B-Sides and three unreleased tracks. A track listing can be seen below:

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1. Airbag
2. Paranoid Android
3. Subterranean Homesick Alien
4. Exit Music (For A Film)
5. Let Down
6. Karma Police
7. Fitter Happier
8. Electioneering
9. Climbing Up The Walls
10. No Surprises
11. Lucky
12. The Tourist

1. I Promise
2. Man Of War
3. Lift
4. Lull
5. Meeting In The Aisle
6. Melatonin
7. A Reminder
8. Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)
9. Pearly
10. Palo Alto
11. How I Made My Millions

The album comes out June 23 and can be ordered now. Click here for more.

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