Yet Another Word On Peter Buck’s New Group Filthy Friends

Please indulge me for following up on Chris’ post about Filthy Friends, I’m just really excited about this project. I love Peter Buck, and as far as I’m concerned his influence on Rock history is hugely underrated. His inventive jangly guitar playing style inspired a thousand Indie bands, combining the attack of punk with the soul of Americana. He is a modern master, and given the demise of R.E.M. I think his new work takes on new importance.

Among the Indie Rock stalwarts Buck brought into Filthy Friends, the most significant is Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney. Her distinctive warble seems to fit very nicely in the pocket of Buck’s sonic landscape. I don’t know if he’s worked with many female vocalists before, but her voice seems to bring out richer tones in his chiming chords. It sounds a little like the Pretenders I suppose, but with edgier vocals and a lot more chops.

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As Chris reported, Filthy Friends released a double-sided single for Record Store Day last weekend and I’m giving it the two big thumbs up. “Any Kind Of Crowd” is a really well-written pop-rocker with an infectious, uplifting chorus. The second track was a nice surprise, a scorching hot cover of Roxy Music’s “Editions Of You”. Tucker cranks up the intensity a notch and brings the rest of the band with her. These cats are total pros who know what the hell they’re doing. Lets hope for more of the same when they release their debut album later this year.

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