Song of the Day: Ace Frehley – New York Groove

Look, I don’t really like KISS. I won’t give you a hard time if you do, I just may question your musical integrity on a molecular level. To be fair, I do that to everyone whether they like KISS or not, so I wouldn’t be too offended either way. My feeling about KISS is kind of as follows:

Hey, let’s make sure we look terrific! Our makeup has to be perfect, the lighting just so, and the pyrotechnics right      on cue. We want our audience to have an experience they will never forget! Make sure Gene has plenty of fake blood and Peter looks like a cat! Okay! It’s almost showtime! Wait, we forgot to write any songs! Oh, well. 

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So when an Ace Frehley song popped up on my “Spotify Discover Playlist,” I did the only natural thing I could have done and threw my phone in the nearest body of water. In this case, it was the Chicago River. Someone later told me that this doesn’t actually delete your Spotify account, it just ruins your phone. Luckily, the wonderful folks at the Chicago Port Authority were very helpful in assisting with my phone retrieval and extraction. I’m told four people drowned while they were helping me, but I regret nothing.

Why on Earth would Spotify recommend a song to me by the lead guitarist of KISS? Upon listening to it, I figured it out rather quickly. This was a glam rock song, to be sure, but not in the shitty, plasticine way KISS usually did “glam rock.” This was the real deal, and it was so good that it simply had to be someone else’s song. Part of me perversely wanted it to be an Ace Frehley original, but I soon discovered that this was in fact a cover of a 1975 tune by the semi-obscure glam-rock group Hello. You know what? I think I prefer the Frehley version. It’s just ever-so-slightly better. Also, Frehley turned 66 years old this April 27th, if that’s your thing.

Does this mean I like KISS, now?

Let’s not go nuts.

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