Listen To The First New Recording From Sgt. Pepper Reissue

We got our first taste of the 34 previously unreleased Beatles recordings and outtakes that will be included in the new Sgt. Pepper reissue – manna from heaven for the Beatles-obsessed. It’s the title track, subtitled “Take 9 And Speech”, a stripped-down version without the horns and the audience sound effects.

It’s also a pretty raggedy take by the foursome, probably a vocal guide track, and the two guitars are kind of sloppy, but in a good way. Good thing Rock’s most inventive rhythm section was driving the bus as always. The open spaces left for the horns and the audience sounds are odd little interludes where everybody pulls back before clanging full volume in the chorus.

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On the last section where the “Billy Shears” outro usually sits, instead of stopping the playful lads keep jamming in the pulled-back interlude mode, it’s very funny, and they start making echo-drenched comments, and Paul starts singing “I feel it, I feel it, oh baby now I feel it … Gotta be free now”. It actually sounded pretty good. It’s like these guys were oozing creativity that literally wouldn’t stop.

The “speech” part of the track is McCartney saying at the end something about his voice being better another day, and then some faint but apparently witty banter that I can’t quite catch. This track is sheer delight for any Beatles freak, but then again we could probably get excited about a recording of the Fab Four belching in the studio. The Sgt. Pepper 50th Anniversary Edition hits the shelves and the hard drives just a few weeks away on May 26th.



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