Song of the Day: Sonic Youth – The Sprawl

If you’re looking for a strong feminist icon in the field of alt-rock (and let’s face it, there are quite a lot of great options), you can do no better than Kim Gordon. As the bass-player/co-songwriter of the massively influential Sonic Youth for the better part of 30 years, Gordon contributed to a completely unique group that took elements from punk, stoner rock and no-wave, mixing them together into a frenetic strew that satisfies both the artists and the metalheads. Their 1988 masterpiece Daydream Nation is the kind of album that can be appreciated on an intellectual level, but you can also smash a beer can on your head to it. This is the perfect combination of high and low art. This is Sonic Youth.

It’s no accident that Gordon is also a visual artist of some notoriety. Her songs are snapshots, post-modern snippets which combine the alienating work of William Gibson with the pop-star mythos of Karen Carpenter. It’s as if these diverse slices of modern society have been fed into the woodchipper. What comes out is pulp. It’s mangled and unpredictable and concentrated as all hell. This is Sonic Youth, but filtered through Gordon’s unique filter. It’s unquestionably her art, though in the context of the band as a whole. Isn’t it great when bands have several unique songwriters?

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Here’s Kim with a highlight from Daydream, The Sprawl.” Hey, it’s also her birthday this week.

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