Song Of The Day: Los Bravos – “Black Is Black” (1966)

Happy Birthday to Michael Kennedy, lead singer of Los Bravos, who was born on this day in 1944 as Michael Kogel in Berlin, Germany. This song was a huge one-hit wonder that really helped amp up the Summer of ’66. There was something vaguely mysterious about the title and the vocals, but it also has that great driving energy. Kogel had moved to Spain the previous year, changed his name to Kennedy and hooked up with this Spanish band that wanted to record in English. Nobody knew English all that well – his pronunciation of the word “intend” in the 2nd verse is a little funky. The band split up in the early Seventies, and Kennedy never found big success again, making a humble living dining out on “Black Is Black” in the Spanish countryside for the past 40 years. One could do a lot worse.

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