Song of the Day: Prince – “Starfish And Coffee” (from “Muppets Tonight”)

Today marks one year since the passing of Prince. The headlines surrounding Prince this week haven’t always been happy, ranging from the stories of how he hid his opioid addiction to this story about the financial floodgates soon to open for record companies standing to reap heavy rewards from the music in his vault in ways he wouldn’t have wanted, to now a possible lawsuit over his still unreleased EP. It’s better to remember him from happier times, like this video from his memorable guest appearance on the short-lived Muppets spinoff Muppets Tonight. Prince starts the segment with a short skit, then comes the irresistible song “Starfish And Coffee” off the Sign O’ The Times album. The song was co-written by Prince’s former girlfriend and muse Susannah Melvoin about an Autistic girl she used to know named Cynthia Rose. Prince’s songs are still hard to find on YouTube even though his stuff is now available via other streaming services, so this will have to do. Click here for another entertaining segment from the episode.

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