Song of the Day: Arctic Monkeys – “Fluorescent Adolescent”

It was ten years ago this week when the Arctic Monkeys released their second full-length album Favourite Worst Nightmare. It was largely a more aggressive album than its predecessor, the modern classic Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, although this track was an exception. One of the more upbeat and instantly accessible songs on the album, this song charted in the top 10 in four countries. It’s a song telling the tale of an aging woman whose sex life isn’t what it used to be: “Flicking through a little book of sex tips/Remember when the boys were all electric?/Now when she tells she’s gonna get it/I’m guessing that she’d rather just forget it/Clinging to not getting sentimental/Said she wasn’t going but she went still/Likes her gentlemen not to be gentle/Was it a Mecca dauber or a betting pencil?” That last line, which uses a comparison between a pencil and a Mecca dauber (a thick marker used in bingo) as a penis size metaphor, is good for a laugh.

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