Prince EP Embroiled In Lawsuit, Prevents Release On iTunes

The title track of Prince’s forthcoming EP, Deliverance, was shared Tuesday via RMA (Rogue Music Alliance). However, it looks like the EP might be prevented from coming out.

The EP itself was put together by engineer George Ian Boxill, who worked with Prince on the songs around 2006-2008. It now seems that the Paisley Park and Prince’s estate are now suing Boxill preventing the release of the EP.

According to KSTP (via NPR), Boxill had allegedly signed a confidentiality agreement that stated all of his work with Prince “would remain Prince’s sole and exclusive property.” The lawsuit also states that the EP could damage the interests of the estate and Paisley Park “permanently and irreparably,” and that the allegedly unauthorized release “deprives Prince (and now the Estate) from choosing what is released to the public and when.”

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The Deliverance EP was expected to be released Friday, the 21st. You can expect updates when we learn more.


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