Influential punk band Jawbreaker getting back together

In March of 2016, Jordan Posner made a list of “Five Bands Technically Could Get Back Together But Never Will.” ( Well, it’s time to cross one of those bands off the list.

Influential punk band Jawbreaker, No. 5 on Jordan’s list, will be a headliner at this year’s Riot Fest in Chicago in September (Riot Fest was also the site of another unexpected reunion last year, that of the Misfits). At the time, Jordan wrote “The San Francisco Bay punk band was essentially run by indie-rock VIP Blake Schwarzenbach, but since his later band Jets to Brazil sounds nothing like Jawbreaker, we shouldn’t give short shrift to rhythm section Chris Bauermeister and Adam Pfahler. The sheer power of this influential trio has never been equaled by any sole member of the band, so I think we’re dealing with a whole > sum of parts situation. They haven’t even been in a studio together since 2007, but why can’t I dream?”

The band put out four albums in the 1990s, then broke up in 1996 after a fistfight between guitarist-vocalist Blake Schwarzenbach and bassist Chris Bauermeister and has denied reunion talk over the years. The talk now appears over as they are part of a very impressive lineup playing Riot Fest.

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