Beatles Freaks Have Been Waiting For This For Over 20 Years

I will never forget the thrill when the Beatles Anthology series came out in 1996. For the first time the Beatles were officially releasing demo versions and studio takes from throughout their career. We had heard some (but definitely not all) of this material on bootlegs before, but you can never be sure with bootlegs if you’re getting the best available quality of recording. We knew with Anthology that we were getting the real goods.

It gave us such fantastic insight into the creative process of the greatest pop phenomenon of all time, and it gave me even more reasons to love and appreciate these guys: the smoking hot rhythm section take of “Good Morning Good Morning”; Paul and John’s laughing fit recording vocals for “And Your Bird Can Sing”; a section of the epic 27-minute take of “Helter Skelter”; Lennon’s incredible acoustic demo of “I’m Only Sleeping”.

So anyway last week we told you about the special 50th anniversary versions of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Some of these packages have all the bells and whistles, which is all fine and dandy, but what is really exciting is the disc of alternate versions and studio takes, the first “new” official batch of these since Anthology 21 years ago.

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The Sgt. Pepper sessions surely included some of the more explosively creative sessions in music recording history, and many have been wondering what hidden treasures the disc will uncover. Well in an exclusive interview with reissue producer Giles Martin, Rolling Stone revealed some tantalizing details about the track listing that are sure to make any Beatles Freak damp with excitement:

  • The title track beginning with “a long, raw guitar jam”.
  • “A Day In The Life” ending with a chorus humming the final E instead of the pianos.
  • Paul’s “aggressive attack” on the Wurlitzer keyboard on “Getting Better” take.
  • John’s “raw power” vocal with acoustic guitar on “Lucy” take.
  • A “much more rocking” version of “Fixing A Hole” featuring Ringo “cutting loose on drums”.

That last one sounds too good to be true. There are many more tasty bits in the article, go take a look. The packages will drop on May 26. Beatles Freaks will have trouble staying dry.

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