Song Of The Day: Eels – “Fresh Feeling” (2001)

Happy Birthday to Mark Everett, the driving force behind The Eels, who was born on this day in 1963. The Eels are one of the most unique and original outfits of the past 20 years. Everett’s trademark raspy vocals have served a vast range of material from electronica ballads to balls-out rockers – they’ve got something for everybody. The quirky, often hilarious intelligence of Everett’s songs come as less of a surprise when you consider that his father Hugh was at one time one of the most respected quantum physicists in the world, and an eccentric in his own right. At the same time, the tragic deaths of Everett’s sister and mother have tended to tint a lot of his music with a vague sadness. There is always more than meets the eye in the music of the Eels. This is my favorite Eels track from their best album, 2001’s Souljacker. Great lyric, great bass playing, great arrangement, the kind of bittersweet feeling that sends your heart reeling.

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