Steve Perry speech, Lenny Kravitz Prince covers, dirty Yes jokes among Rock Hall induction highlights

ELO, Journey, Tupac Shakur, Yes, Joan Baez, Nile Rodgers, and Pearl Jam were all officially inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in a Brooklyn, N.Y. ceremony Friday night, and by the sound of it, it was quite an event.

It was a night of special moments as Steve Perry joined Journey on stage during their induction, Lenny Kravitz gave two unique Prince covers, Yes cracked up the audience during their speech and were also joined by Geddy Lee for a performance of “Roundabout,” tribute was paid to Chuck Berry, and Pearl Jam brought the house down with their performances of three ’90s classics.

A couple of the most memorable quotes came during the Yes induction where Rick Wakeman got filthy with the jokes:

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“I’m very happy here for a couple of reasons, to be inducted. One is the fact, obviously to be a part of Yes and getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the other is something I really probably shouldn’t tell you is that, less than half a mile away from this very building is where I had my very first meaningful sexual experience. [Applause] No. No. No. Please. It wasn’t very good.”


“I’d like to thank the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame very much for inducting Yes. The only thing I would say, I’m glad that we’re actually out third because as you get older, the old things like the prostate start acting up a bit. What I would like to say quite seriously is how important it is to have the odd examination, which I had indeed on Monday. You ladies, you don’t know, it’s really tough. You have to get in the old fetal position, you hear the old plastic glove go off or the rubber glove. And then it’s like the gopher going on holiday inside. Whilst I was having my examination, the doctor said to me, he said, ‘Mr. Wakeman, there’s no need to be embarrassed. It’s not unusual to get an erection with this kind of procedure.’ I said, ‘I haven’t got an erection.’ He said, ‘I know, but I have.'”

Then, of course, one of the night’s highlights was Steve Perry’s speech during Journey’s induction. Perry didn’t perform but gave a heartfelt speech and a message to fans.

“You’re the ones who put us here!” Perry said. “You’re the one who put us here! You are the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! You put us here! We would not be here had it not been for you and the tireless love and consistent devotion. We never would’ve stopped. And from my heart, I must tell you, I’ve been gone a long time, I understand that. But I want you to know, you’ve never not been in my heart. I want you to know that. And I love every single one of you.”

Read some of the full speeches here (via Rolling Stone) —
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* Dhani Harrison inducts ELO
* David Letterman inducts Pearl Jam
* ELO’s speech
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* Yes’s speech
* Joan Baez’s induction speech
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A few performance clips (also via Rolling Stone/Social Media)

All-star jam:

All-star Jam 😍

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Lenny Kravitz:


Yes to Yes #yesband #ownerofalonelyheart

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And here are some backstage comments, via

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