Song of the Day: The Vaselines – “Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam”

Kurt Cobain died of suicide on this day in 1994, and we’ll pay him tribute with one of his favorite bands. This song of course was covered by Nirvana in their famous Unplugged performance, one of three Vaselines songs the band covered (the other being “Molly’s Lips” and “Son of a Gun”). As you can hear, Nirvana’s cover of this song stayed pretty faithful to the source material. The covers helped increase popularity for the Vaselines, something they are very thankful for. “We embrace it and we always have. That’s part of our story and that’s how we got a second chance actually at having a career in music because of Nirvana,” Vaselines guitarist/singer/songwriter Eugene Kelly told Digital Spy in 2014. “They recorded our songs and that gave us some income to keep doing our music over the last 20 years. We always embrace it and we always say thanks to them when we can. Otherwise we would have just been another band who put out a couple of singles and disappeared and nobody would have heard of us.”

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