Ponytail Dads Still Exists!

Hey, gang. Perhaps you don’t know that I host a podcast that is loosely affiliated with this very site! Join me and three of my most music-literate friends as we debate the deep questions of rock music. We’ve previously tackled such difficult questions as:

What is the best song to play during a fight?

Would you rather be Gene Simmons’ butler or see KISS live every day for a year?

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Best follow-up album to a breakthrough hit?

Would you let John Mayer play your wedding for a yearly stipend of $1,000?

Who’s the best frontman of all time?


Some of the topics are serious, some are quite silly. We’re basically willing to try anything related to rock (and some rap/jazz) music as long as it provokes interesting discussion. We drink, so sometimes it gets a little heated, but it’s all in good fun. We have a great time doing it, but I think we also arrive at some interesting points and quiet truths. I just posted Episodes 8 and 9, in which we list our favorite albums of various decades.

Here’s the Soundcloud link, and it’s also available on iTunes/various formats for downloading podcasts.

Join us, won’t you?

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