Song of the Day: Led Zeppelin – “The Rain Song”

Led Zeppelin’s fifth album Houses of the Holy was released on this day in 1973, with this being one of many classic tracks on the album. It’s certainly very aptly named, as there really isn’t any song that goes better with a relaxing rainy day. This song, as the story goes, was supposedly Led Zeppelin’s response to George Harrison complaining to them about how they never do ballads. Challenge answered, to say the least. Some cool trivia surrounding this song, via

-John Bonham uses brushes on the drums all the way through, even when the song picks up and it sounds like he’s using sticks
-It sounds at times like there’s some violin in this song, but it’s actually John Paul Jones on the mellotron
-In a nod to Harrison, Jimmy Page worked the first two notes of “Something” into the intro of this song.

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