Weekly Obsessions 3/24/2017

Happy week, Rocknuts readers, and a special happy 26th birthday to my sister, Sarah. Ah, to be in my mid-20’s again.

But that time in our lives is over and done, and as far as we know it’s never coming back. So we turn to music for solace from the crushingly indifferent world around us. Or at least, that’s the idea.

This week, I’ve been getting into this band Meat Wave. Lame pun aside, they’ve got a really good sound that reminds me of sort of a combo between Sonic Youth and Fugazi. The group excels at mixing driving beats and noisy guitars while dabbling in art-rock and unorthodox song structures.

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Their newest album The Incessant isn’t necessarily wall-to-wall greatness, but it delivers more than its share of explosive moments. Here’s album highlight “Bad Man.” Tracks like this really showcase the group’s standout rhythm section, which I feel sets them apart from other post-punk-influenced groups of their ilk.

In old news, my good friend (and fellow podcaster) Rob recently reminded me of the eccentric greatness that is Fleetwood Mac‘s Tusk. We agreed in the latest episode of the podcast (now available in iTunes) that Tusk functions as the group’s “White Album” in a way, as it contains the contributions of three distinct songwriters who wanted absolutely nothing to do with one another. Like “The White Album,” Tusk has some misguided moments, but tracks like Lindsey Buckingham’s “Walk a Thin Line,” Stevie Nicks’ “Storms” and Christine McVie’s “Over and Over” more than make up for the few duds. Here’s Buckingham’s weirdo new-wave track “Not That Funny.” 

See you next time!

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  1. I can honestly say that I haven’t heard anything quite like this. Seems authentic, which is nice. I think that’s what a lot of modern music is missing, authenticity. Good find!

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