The Wall opera premieres, is set to hit the U.S. in 2018

The Pink Floyd The Wall-based opera Another Brick in the Wall: The Opera debuted in Montreal last weekend, and it sounds like audiences liked what they saw.

Per Rolling Stone, the show received two standing ovations and differs from the original work significantly, but in a good way.

“Does The Wall, (Roger) Waters’ most enduring creation and one of the greatest rock operas, work without the rock? Yes and no,” wrote Kory Grow of Rolling Stone. “The bad news is that it is not Pink Floyd’s The Wall. The good news is that it’s not Pink Floyd’s The Wall – and it’s barely Roger Waters’.

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“Although the production contains the same songs and running order as the original, the story of The Wall comes into better focus here. The opera shows the revelations of a shell-shocked rock star, so disgusted with himself that he retreats into his mind to find out why he feels so dejected, often watching his past in this-is-your-life–style flashbacks. Sure, that’s also the basic plot of the album, but seeing it acted out with different characters singing the songs, as opposed to just Waters, fleshes it out anew much like the Who did when they turned Tommy into a movie.”

Listen to a sampling of the music below, and it’s easy to tell viewers will be in for a different experience than what they know of the material.

Waters himself gave a good review to the opera to Rolling Stone earlier in March. “I sat there not expecting to be moved, and I was moved,” Waters said.

The show will make its debut in the Cincinnati Music Hall in July 2018, accompanied by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

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