Stevie Nicks says she’ll never retire but might not record with Fleetwood Mac again

Stevie Nicks is still going strong at age 68 and has no intentions of stopping anytime soon, but recording a new album with Fleetwood Mac might not be one of the things she decides to tackle.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Nicks was asked if she wanted to make a record with bandmates Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham, who have been working on a duet album of their own.

“I don’t think we’ll do another record,” Nicks said. “If the music business were different, I might feel different. I don’t think there’s any reason to spend a year and an amazing amount of money on a record that, even if it has great things, isn’t going to sell. What we do is go on the road, do a ton of shows and make lots of money. We have a lot of fun. Making a record isn’t all that much fun.”

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But while she might not be interested in making an album, she’s also not interested in stepping away from entertainment and even has a couple of big ideas in mind.

“I’ll never retire,” Nicks said. “My friend Doug Morris, who’s been president of, like, every record company, said to me once, “When you retire, you just get small.” Stand up straight, put on your heels, and get out there and do stuff. I want to do a miniseries for the stories of Rhiannon and the gods of Wales, which I think would be this fantastic thing, but I don’t have to retire from being a rock star to go and do that. I can fit it all in.”

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