Song Of The Day: The Beatles – “Good Morning Good Morning” (early version)

Fifty years ago this morning a group of session players marched into Abbey Road studios and laid down the crazy horn parts for “Good Morning Good Morning”. This was the Sgt. Pepper album after all, and the big thing was to find weird and unusual sounds to lay into the music. At the end of the track John added the sounds of the animal food chain, successively larger beasts chasing smaller ones.

As we know the track turned out great, segueing into the “Sgt. Pepper Reprise”. But when you listen to this early version – without horns, animal sounds, backing vocals or lead guitar – it makes you wonder about Lennon’s later suggestion that some of his songs with the Beatles were overproduced. With just drums, bass, rhythm guitar and lead vocal, the song is raw, urgent and sounds like it could have been made last week. What an incredibly tight rhythm section this band had, and Ringo’s “wild” drumming at the end has to be heard to be believed. Fifty years ago this morning those session players must have had their minds blown.

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