U2 announces special Joshua Tree releases on album’s 30th anniversary

Today marks the 30th anniversary of U2’s classic album The Joshua Tree, and the band is celebrating with the announcement of multiple special anniversary re-releases of the album.

For those looking for the basics, there will be a 2-disc re-release that features new cover art and a second disc of The Joshua Tree being performed live in 1987 at Madison Square Garden. For big spenders, there will be a 4-disc or 7-LP boxed set, in which you can get the two discs mentioned above along with outtakes, remixes, and an 84-page book. Fans can also order those sets with a T-Shirt or backpack for a few extra bucks.

All this coincides of course with U2’s big Joshua Tree anniversary tour that will be taking place this year.

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The releases will be out June 2 and are available for preorder. Click here for more.


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