Behold! Ponytail Dads: Episode 7

Hey, everyone. We’re proud to have reached Episode 7, which is called “Former Obsessions.” We’ve now lasted longer than 99% of all other podcasts, and most of that was through all of my hard work. Planning a recording session around the schedules of your dipshit friends is surprisingly difficult! Thanks, me. In addition, thanks to all of you who have been listening, though statistically, you probably haven’t. What a good time to start! Now, I mean. Start right now! Surely you can make time for one measly episode. What are you doing that’s so important, curing cancer? I concede that some of you may legitimately be working on eradicating dangerous diseases, but if that’s the case then what are you doing on a rock site? Get back to work!

In this episode we discuss:

-Movie Soundtracks: Rushmore, Inherent Vice and others

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-Gut Reaction: Good or Bad, with Guns n’ Roses, Green Day and more!

-Has Brent Always Been “Hip?”

-Why Does Jordan Hate Bands from Los Angeles?

-Aerosmith, Yet Again

-Favorite Song Over Ten Minutes

Above is the link. If you’re a fan of the content on this site, you want to check it out, as it covers some of the same kind of territory. Plus, it’s in fancy audio-format, which saves you the trouble of reading! Everybody wins!

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