Great New Music: Thurston Moore – “Cease Fire”

Those who like their Rock hard and uncompromising and genuine are probably still mourning the breakup of Sonic Youth six years ago. This band kept the flame burning for authentic guitar-driven Rock from the synthesized wasteland of the 1980s all the way through the first decade of the 21st century. Throughout their career they straddled the lines between indie, punk, hardcore and avant garde jazz, serving as an inspiration to not just more than one generation of Rockers, but also more than one style of Rockers.

The other extraordinary thing about Sonic Youth was that they were fronted by a husband-and-wife team, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, which added a lot of credence to the band’s organic DIY vibe. Sadly, marriages end, and in this case the end of the 24-year marriage in 2011 also meant the end of the indie colossus Sonic Youth.

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But life does go on, and both Gordon and Moore did the best thing one can do after a divorce, they kept busy. Moore has collaborated with dozens of fringe-type artists over the years, so he doesn’t have a problem finding musicians to play with. He started a new band called Chelsea Light Moving in 2013 and released a nice solo album in 2014, which leaned towards the more accessible side of the Sonic Youth sound.

This week he released a stand-alone single called “Cease Fire” and I love it. It’s got the best of Sonic Youth going for it, the hypnotizing extended guitar parts that weave intensity in and out from transition to transition, and that amazing, signature energy. But there’s kind of a new focus to the sound – less improv and more purpose – which serves the song’s clear and powerful anti-gun and anti-violence message.

Moore is giving the song away on his website, which is a pretty good deal, and good on him for the whole thing.

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