Paul McCartney Posts Lovely Message On George Harrison’s Birthday

Over the weekend Paul McCartney tweeted a very sweet message in honor of George Harrison‘s birthday on Twitter.
The tweet was accompanied by a great, never-before seen photo from the Abbey Road sessions.

Of all the interpersonal relationships within the Beatles, the McCartney-Harrison relationship was perhaps the most complicated. They first met as high school students in 1957 taking the same bus route to school. McCartney was a year older but they bonded over music, of course, and the next year Harrison “auditioned” for John Lennon by playing the song “Raunchy” in the top of a double decker bus.

He passed the audition. Both Lennon and McCartney were impressed with Harrison’s skill on the guitar and all the chords he knew that the others didn’t. Little did anyone know that George’s reserved cynicism would be the perfect foil for egotistical brilliance of the two older members. But while the Lennon-Harrison relationship became one of mentor-student, the McCartney-Harrison relationship always seemed on less sturdy ground.

This was never more painfully obvious than during the excruciating Let It Be sessions. Everybody was kind of snarly during those sessions, but one of the most memorable clips from the film shows Paul Mr. BossyPants telling George in his high-handed manner – “I’m trying to help you” – while George bites his tongue and says “I’ll play whatever you want, if you don’t want me to play anything I won’t”.

Yet despite the friction all four Beatles realized they had an unbreakable bond as four people who went through something together that no other people on Earth had gone through, before or since. Despite their differences or legitimate complaints, there would always be a deep and abiding love between McCartney and Harrison, and this was made clear when they reunited in 1994 to record two John Lennon songs. The hug they shared in the “Real Love” video was proof of that. It’s the kind of hug you just can’t fake.

Damn right McCartney was lucky to have Harrison in his life. In fact it is Kismet of cosmic proportions that all four of these people had each other in their lives when they did. Happy belated Birthday Brother George!

Photo credit: By Oli Gill (originally posted to Flickr as Paul McCartney) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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