Song of the Day: Dead Kennedys – “Stealing People’s Mail”

Inspired by the story of their alleged reunion offer that was turned down by Jello Biafra, we’re going to get into some Dead Kennedys today. The Dead Kennedys were known largely for their aggressive and angry political punk rock, but they were just as adept at making goofball songs like this that showcased their whacked-out sense of humor. Among them are “Funland at the Beach,” a demented song about a roller coaster that goes off the rails and causes a massacre; “Forest Fire,” a song about a guy who gets high and starts a forest fire and then watches rich Californians as they struggle to do things like decide whether or not to save their pretty wife or their cocaine from the fire; “Too Drunk to Fuck,” which is self-explanatory; and this song, which is about the choice to spend Friday night stealing people’s mail rather than go to parties or discos. They’re laughing at what they find in your mailbox, of course: “We got license plates, wedding gifts, tax returns/Checks to politicians from real estate firms/Money, bills and canceled checks/Pretty funny pictures of your kids”. I can’t say I’ve ever tried it, although I have to admit I’m not guilty of messing around with a mailbox or two when I was younger.

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