Former Dead Kennedys frontman apparently turns down reunion show

Punk icons the Dead Kennedys apparently had an offer to reunite at this year’s Riot Fest, but former frontman Jello Biafra turned the opportunity down, according to the band’s guitarist East Bay Ray.

Ray (real name Ray Pepperell) posted on social media last week the band had an offer to play the event but Biafra said no.

“Dead Kennedys had a sincere invitation to play a reunion show at Riot Fest in Chicago this fall,” Ray posted on Facebook. “Jello Biafra turned it down. (Bassist) Klaus Flouride, (drummer) DH Peligro and I were looking forward to doing it.”

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The Dead Kennedys have been performing over the years with different lead singers but haven’t performed with Biafra since the band broke up in 1986. The band and Biafra went on to have legal disputes over royalties as well as disputes of commercial use of the band’s music and haven’t seemingly been on good terms since.

As of the weekend, Biafra hadn’t commented on East Bay Ray’s post. Biafra addressed the subject of a reunion in a 2013 Facebook post of his own.

“There will never be a Dead Kennedys reunion with Jello Biafra at the helm. Ever,” Biafra wrote. “It’s not going to happen. The sooner you accept that, the better off you’ll be.”

Photo: Jello Biafra; By catharine_anderson ( [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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