For Kurt Cobain’s 50th, some of my favorite Nirvana songs you might not have heard countless times

Kurt Cobain’s 50th birthday has me thinking Nirvana, so I wanted to post some songs today for people to revisit. Nirvana’s a band though where I’ve heard the hits so many times I don’t need to hear them anymore, so for Kurt’s birthday I thought I’d collect some of my favorites that aren’t played to death (or maybe they are, and you’ve heard them a million times and I haven’t). Here’s a few:

“About a Girl,” “Blew,” “Love Buzz,” “Negative Creep”

Some selections from the album Bleach. I probably like the unplugged version of “About a Girl” better, but this version is real close. “Negative Creep” is probably my favorite of these.

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“Breed,” “Stay Away,” “Territorial Pissings”

These three aggressive songs to me helped kick Nevermind to another gear. Amid all the hits and classics on the album, these three might be the ones I like the most.

“Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle,” “Very Ape”

A couple tracks from In Utero. I still find myself listening to these every now and then.

“Aneurysm,” “Been A Son,” “Dive,” “Molly’s Lips,” “Stain”

An assortment of songs that can be found on the Incesticide compilation. “Aneurysm” and the Vaselines cover “Molly’s Lips,” which to me has an uncharacteristically upbeat feel for the band, are my two faves here.

“Oh Me”

Pretty much everything on Unplugged in New York is something you’ve probably heard a lot of, but this lovely Meat Puppets cover is one that feels a little bit lost in the shuffle behind some of the other tracks and it shouldn’t be. It was originally not included in the original MTV broadcast.


This track was originally a hidden track on the 1993 AIDS-benefit compilation album No Alternative. Originally written in 1988, it’s a catchy track that has more than its share of fans.

“You Know You’re Right”

One of Kurt’s final recordings, this song was caught up in legal limbo before finally being released to the public in 2002 as part of the Nirvana hits collection. It’s an indication of what type of music he could have delivered if he stayed alive.

Photo credit: By P.B. Rage from USA (More Kurt — too rad) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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