Song of the Day: Styx – “Suite Madam Blue”

Happy birthday wishes go out to Dennis DeYoung of Styx, who turns 70 years old today. DeYoung wrote this song off the 1975 album Equinox in response to the upcoming United States bi-centennial celebration in 1976. Per Songfacts, DeYoung was quoted in Classic Rock Revisited as saying, “The 200th anniversary of America was being totally taken over by commercialization in a rather unceremonious fashion. I had a moment of reflection. I had grown up in the so called glory days of the United States of America, which was post World War II until 1970. To live in this country at that time was really the golden age. The fallibility of the United States was something that struck me and that set the tone for ‘Suite Madam Blue.’ Maybe I was fearful of being literal – I think I probably was.”

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