Despite “The End” Black Sabbath To Continue On?

Ozzy Osbourne (far right) and Black Sabbath.

With a headline like this you have to be asking yourself, “I thought Black Sabbath played their final, career ending gig on the 4th of February.” You would be right; as we reported, Black Sabbath reached “The End” over the weekend. However, while speaking to Planet Rock Tony Iommi has said, ““It’s just the touring for me. It’s time to stop roaming the world and be at home for a bit. When you’re touring you’ve got to go out for six, eight, 12 months or whatever, and you’ve got a schedule that you have to do. Now, if I want to do some TV for a month, I can do that.”

Iommi said he was open to releasing more music with Black Sabbath but that they haven’t discussed it yet: “I don’t think we’ve ruled anything out, apart from me not wanting to tour any more. Who knows? We may do something. We haven’t spoken about it. We haven’t talked about anything, really – but I’m sure something can happen somewhere.”

As we know Ozzy is continuing on with his career announcing live dates for Chicago Open Air festival. Ozzy also talked to Ultimate Classic Rock saying, “It’s not me that wants to retire, it’s Black Sabbath.”

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It’s all very up in the air yet exciting at the same time. Not only did they release 13 in 2013, they also brought an exclusive tour album entitled The End which had four track recorded during the 13 sessions. Even if Black Sabbath is laid to rest, there will never be another band like them. The uncertainty is all very exciting.

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