Song of the Day: Eric Johnson – “Cliffs of Dover”

Sometimes there’s no reason for a Song of the Day choice other than it just popped in my head. This song is one of those. Off the 1990 Ah Via Musicom album, it’s been a popular track on classic rock radio for many years and was once selected as the No. 17 guitar solo in Guitar World magazine’s list of 100 Greatest Guitar Solos. You might think it would have taken Johnson a while to create this song, but that couldn’t be further from the truth as he once said it took him five minutes to write and that it was his mother who first caught on to it. “She said, ‘That’s a really nice song, that’s going to be something.’ And I thought, I don’t know, it’s just another song,” Johnson said in an interview with Starpolish (via “But she was real encouraging about it. It was one of those songs that came to me in five minutes, and it almost sounds like it’s derived from something else, the melody. But it was just one of those things that happened and by default became a hit.”

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