Song of the Day: The Kinks – “Hatred (A Duet)”

Happy birthday wishes go out to Dave Davies of The Kinks, who turns 70 years old today. When you think of the Kinks, one of the first things that comes to mind is the tumultuous relationship between Dave and Ray Davies. The two put out this song on their final Kinks album Phobia in 1993, a track supposedly about their relationship. Here’s some lyrical examples of their brotherly love from this song: “You wanna be my friend, well it’s too late/My love for you has turned to hate/And I think that it’s a permanent condition” and “Hate’s the only thing we have in common/There’s no escape, we’ll always be this way/So we might as well just learn to live together/’cause we’re gonna be this way till our dying day” and “Your attitude is downright rude/Your jokes appall me, they’re so crude/Why don’t you just drop dead and don’t recover”. Ah, brotherly love.

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