Song of the Day: Wolf Alice – “Silk”

I couldn’t be happier this song has blown up a bit over the last couple of months. I didn’t realize until recently it was featured in the trailer for the Trainspotting sequel, which is out now in the U.K. and goes stateside in March. I enjoyed their first full-length album, My Love Is Cool, quite a bit, but this was the track I thought was the jewel of the album even though it wasn’t one of the five they released as singles. The album did fine in the UK, reaching number 2 on the charts, but didn’t do nearly as well in other countries (it only reached 90 in the U.S.). I think I last visited this video in 2015 or so and back then it had a few thousand views, and now it’s up over 700K. Hopefully more people will continue to find them.

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