EXCLUSIVE: Slayer’s Kerry King Surprises Crowd

Last week’s Hall of Heavy Metal History induction ceremony has no shortage of contributing artists and musicians.

Showing up unannounced, Slayer co-founder, bald badass, and metal icon Kerry King showed up to honor Metal Blade Records CEO/founder Brian Slagel by presenting Slagel with his achievement and award. The mood of the crowd changed as King thanked Slagel for his contributions to his own success with Slayer. I was certainly blown away by his presence -I feel like Slayer is an essential part of metal education and modern metal history. It’s very fitting that King was there, and much like the other award winners – presented the award with thankfulness and and combination of respectfulness with a laid back attitude.

Slayer’s name is synonymous with thrash metal staples Angel of Death and Raining Blood.

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A wild Kerry King appears!


Metal Blade Records CEO/founder Brian Slagel accepting his award


Metal Blade boasts 31 years of bringing metal to your ears (and mine). If you’re not sure of who they are, here is the entire list of bands which are signed the label. Where would metal be without you, Metal Blade?


Anaal Nathrakh

Armored Saint


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