Exclusive: Photos and Highlights from the Hall of Heavy Metal History Ceremony

Shortly before an evening of speeches, music, awkward lighting and Budweiser (ugh) a press conference for the first ever Hall of Heavy Metal History induction ceremony took place.

Pictured left to right: Vinny Appice, Pat Gesualdo and Eddie Trunk


Found Pat Gesualdo spoke a little about his intention with the ceremony and his high hopes for future events. He also spoke passionately about his work with the charity D. A. D. – Drums and Disabilities.

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Eddie Trunk knows everyone.


Vinny Appice has played in Dio and Black Sabbath. In the audience, his brother Carmine Appice (another prolific drummer) cheered him on. Appice talked about missing Wise potato chips and Devil Dogs after moving from Brooklyn to LA. Ha fondly recalled meeting Tony Iommi in 1980 while listening to ‘Neon Knight’ on the radio.

The panel being asked about the future of metal


Pictured from left to right: Kathy Rhoads, Kelle Rhoads, Wendy Dio and some guy. Not sure who he was, an no one else seemed to know.



Eddie Trunk takes center of the press conference to say a word or two on behalf of metal music


Pictured from left to right: Ross Friedman, Frankie Banali, Dio’s Disciples, and Vinny Appice


Craig Goldy talks about the future of metal. Tl;dr – It’s the fans, man. Metal isn’t going anywhere because of the energy and the feeling. I’d readily agree.



Ross “The Boss” Friendman talking about his part in Man O War and the Dictators.


In a brief interview before the ceremony, Friedman revealed to me that he was playing that evening after the ceremony. This guy is the real deal. He loves, loves, loves to play and will never stop. He can’t wait to play the next show and so on and so forth. I don’t even feel like always taking out my garbage every evening. Ross Friedman is a machine and an incredibly friendly guy.


Frankie Banali and Rudy Sarzo talk Quiet Riot


This was a really interesting story to listen to. Sarzo and Banali talked about Lemmy and his drink made of mostly vodka, topped off with a small pour of OJ. Sazro also mentioned his first gig in Quiet Riot opening for the Scorpions, and how meeting Dio made him want to be a better bassist saying that, “Dio took it [metal music, production, song writing] to the next level.” Sazro has played with Ozzy, Quiet Riot and Whitesnake; Banali has  played for everyone from Quiet Riot to Billy Idol, W. A. S. P., and Dokken.

Banali talked about going to see Dio in the band Electric Elves in Portland, New York. He would steel cars to make it to the show.


Kathy and Kelle Rhaods remember their brother Randy fondly.


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