Spoon’s New Single Shows Why They Are One Of The Best Bands On The Planet

The lads from Spoon have been coyly hinting at a new album for weeks now, and we finally have confirmation that Hot Thoughts, their ninth studio album, will drop on March 17. They have also released the first single off the album, the title track, and if the rest of the album is this good then we’ve got a blockbuster, breakthrough album on our hands.

The amazing thing about Spoon is they have a distinctive, immediately identifiable sound of their own, yet they rarely repeat themselves or cover the same ground twice. “Hot Thoughts” is no different. It’s Spoon, alright, but it doesn’t sound quite like anything they’ve ever done before.

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They continue to add electronica elements to their trademark crisp, lean riffs and rhythm. There are vocal effects, droning keys, and string section hits adding new textures to their sound and giving Britt Daniel a bigger platform for his always brilliant vocals. There are all kinds of interesting percussion and backing vocal tricks that I’ve never heard on a Spoon track before. These guys are not afraid to experiment.

Some commentators have described “Hot Thoughts” as “dance rock”, but I don’t hear it that way at all. Spoon has always been a band that knows how to find and feed a groove, but only as a way to serve the song. Two-thirds of the way into the song, it breaks down into a quiet section, and there are a couple of interstitial sections featuring Daniel coaxing these beautifully-toned licks out of his guitar. Sorry, you can groove to it, but it ain’t no dance music.

Daniels’ streetwise philosophizing is always engaging, and “Hot Thoughts” carries a familiar Spoonian theme about mind versus body: “Hot thoughts melting my cool / Is it your motion, signal and cue?” It’s a helluva line from a helluva song. Can’t wait for the album.


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