Hometown Hero Jack White To Open New Record Pressing Plant In Detroit

It seems that Jack White is taking the record pressing industry in a direction that’s a little more state of the art. Opening in the Cass Corridor neighborhood of Detroit — also the same location for White’s second Third Man Records — Third Man Pressing has set it’s opening date for the 25th of next month. The plant will feature “eight of the first newly built presses built in 35 years,” and is environmentally conscious, using a “closed-loop, chilled-water system that maximizes water sustainability.” According to a press release, Third Man Pressing will be capable of creating 5,000 records every 8 hours.

The opening event will be celebrated with many festivities including performances, exclusive merchandise, and the public sale of the first records pressed at the plant. The limited releases include the White Stripes’ self-titled debut album, their sophomore album De Stijl, a split 12″ LP from Destroy All Monsters and Xanadu, and the Johnson Family Singers’ Don’t Let the Devil Ride.

I cannot wait to see what this means for everything Third Man-and maybe even for the record industry-going forward. What also excited me is Record Store Day is right around the corner on April 22nd celebrating its’ 10th anniversary. What goodies will we get for that? You can see pictures of the new plant below.

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Photo credit: By White House staff [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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