Episode 4 of Pony Tail Dads is Now Inside the Internet!

Episode 4!

Hey, gang!

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We’re still at it, and we’ve got a new logo, thanks to Eddie Fieg!

Here’s what’s covered in Episode 4: Do I Even Like This Band?

-A Lengthy Discourse on Iron Maiden’s Live Recordings by Rob Mackie

-Lightning Round: Is This Band Good? featuring Steely Dan, Pearl Jam and others

-Everyone Says Something Negative About Their Favorite Band

-Aerosmith Bassist Brad Whitford and Actor Bradley Whitford: Same Person? No!

-Number One Songs The Weeks We Were Born

-Our Random Number Generator Becomes Sentient

-Jordan’s Favorite Breakup Song

-How Many Drugs Should the Stooges Have Done?

-Good Hip-Hop Albums For Folks That Are Just Getting Started

-One of Our Sponsors Dies and It’s Super Metal

We all have a good time, despite our bad luck with sponsors, so you should either listen to this link or go wherever you go to make podcasts happen and search for “ponytail dads.” Follow us! It don’t cost nothin’! Unless you want to give us money, which would be great. We need new windbreakers.

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