Song of the Day: Led Zeppelin – “In My Time of Dying”

Happy birthday wishes go out to Jimmy Page, who turns 73 years old today. This is actually one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs and one that I can still remember playing on repeat constantly when first hearing it. It’s a cover of a traditional gospel song that starts out slow and gradually builds until it explodes in full Zeppelin force. At over 11 minutes, this was Zeppelin’s longest song, but it’s certainly worth it, especially past the 3:45 mark when things really take off. Page told Uncut Magazine in 2008 that this song is exactly what it sounds like — Zeppelin jamming at their hardest.

“We were just having such a wonderful time,” Page said. “Look, we had a framework for ‘In My Time of Dying’, Ok, but then it just takes off and we’re just doing what Led Zeppelin do. We’re jamming. We’re having a ball.”

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