Listen: Once & Future Band Are At It Again

With their second track now released, Once & Future Band is quickly writing one of my most anticipated albums of 2017. With the release of their first track, “How Does It Make You Feel?” the Oakland-based four-piece took steps to reimagine the sounds of Yes, ELO, and Steely Dan. With their second track, Once & Future Band rekindle a Floyd-ian jazz with an astral openness.

The band told Consequence of Sound, “This song is about the infinite distances that exist even between people who are very close.” “It describes someone teetering on the edge confessing a secret love, drowning in a sea of doubt with only a glimmer of hope on the horizon. It’s an emotional unrest that’s well encapsulated on the first lines of the chorus: “Tell me those are tears of joy/ And not of sorrow for what’s been destroyed.”

Preorders for Once & Future Band are going on here, with digital copies available here. Their self-titled album releases January 27th via Castle Face Records

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