Song of the Day: Last Shadow Puppets – “She Does The Woods”

Happy birthday wishes go out to Arctic Monkeys and Last Shadow Puppets frontman Alex Turner, who turns 31 years old today. Here’s a song from an album Rich Karfilis listed in his 2016 top ten, The Last Shadow Puppets’ Everything You’ve Come To Expect. This song is quite simply about getting banged in the woods, although in pure Turner fashion, his wordplay makes it much more colorful and lively. He sets the scene by singing, “Lazy afternoon strolls make for her howls at the trees/Going home with trouble written in dirt on Her knees/There’s nowhere else to be/
Off into the long grass I want her to drag me away/Every single footpath that I ever try and take/She’ll circumnavigate”

then describes unsuspecting passersby with “They pass us by and we’re just out of view/They don’t have a clue/They’re in ones they’re in twos/They’re in sensible shoes/They’re in purple cagoules”

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then he gets to the deed itself: “She turns my back to the earth and shows me that’s where I’m meant to be/I hear the chirps from the birds as if they heard somebody coming/I see her lit from behind looking down on me/In front of a natural tapestry that’s like a Spirograph of branches that dance on the breeze.”

And of course he throws in a couple dynamite descriptions of the woman he’s with: “You’d do the moon and back twice easy/Just to kiss half of her mouth” and “She’ll jump in the river/You’ll wish you’re the water.” All the while it’s accompanied by that slick and graceful Last Shadow Puppets sound. Very cool stuff.

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