Charles Manson Hospitalized

CBS News has reported that cult leader and convicted murderer Charles Manson, who befriended the Beach Boys and claimed that the Beatles’ White Album contained secret messages about an impending race war, has been taken from prison to a California hospital. The 82-year old is believed to be alive but seriously ill.

Manson ties into music with his introduction to Beach Boy Dennis Wilson. Initially impressed by Manson’s songwriting talent, Wilson introduced Manson to friends in the music business, including the Byrds’ producer Terry Melcher. In brief, it finally, sadly, culminates in the 1969 Tate murders, Manson instructed Manson family members to go to “that house where Melcher used to live” and “totally destroy everyone in it” with one of the members being Roman Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate.

After the tragedy, this lead Melcher to shelve some sessions including singer Jimmy Boyd’s music for A&M Records. Melcher was also working with “punk” outfit Public Nuisance which had their sessions shelved as well. Their album Gotta Survive saw the light of day with a release in 2002 by Fantastic Records. It was then reissued through Third Man Records in 2012. It’s considered a psychedelic/garage diamond in the rough for many.

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