Song of the Day: ELO – “When I Was A Boy”

Let’s get back into featuring this year’s Rock Hall inductees today with some Electric Light Orchestra. It’s always worth doing an ELO Song of the Day, which we’ve done multiple times already. My first inclination when thinking of a song to pick for today was to select an ELO classic I hadn’t used yet, but then I thought back to this song, which came out last year and showed Jeff Lynne still had the ability to perfectly capture the vintage ELO sound and feel and deliver something that would be loved by a wide-ranging audience. And this video brought one of the more bizarre but funny compliments I’ve seen in a YouTube comments section as one user wrote, “Jeff’s voice is so pure he could take a glass of shit water and clean it completely just by singing to it. Seriously though, his voice is really pure.” I vote for that guy to be the one to give ELO’s induction speech.

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