Song of the Day: “Inca Roads” – Frank Zappa

If you think you’ve totally figured out Frank Zappa, you actually don’t get him at all. Zappa filtered jazz, progressive rock, cheeseball pop and pretty much every other genre through his twisted mind and produced a body of work that is unmatched. Zappa’s gift for composition was only matched by his talent for vicious satire, and his best offerings are rewarding both on a musical and lyrical level. My favorite Zappa song, however, contains no real lyrics to speak of. “Inca Roads” is the first track on Zappa’s classic One Size Fits All  record, and it is widely regarded as one of the more complicated recordings he ever made. The song changes modes and time signatures countless times, all while remaining listenable and interesting. It’s maybe not the best place to start for the Zappa novice (that honor goes to Joe’s Garage or Hot Rats, but “Inca Roads” is excellent work for more advanced students. Frank Zappa released more than 50 albums in his career, despite his early death at age 52. The man was so prolific, it was almost as if ideas were literally spurting out of him like leaks in a waterbed. If you can keep up with him, Frank Zappa is a fantastic obsession. It’s also his birthday December 21st, so why not honor the man this week by delving into his infinitely rewarding weirdness?

Or you could celebrate Christmas like a fucking square.

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